Pre-Approval Requirements

All Rio Network operators must receive approval from the RioDAO prior to inclusion in the protocol. Before seeking approval, please complete the following steps:

Complete EigenLayer Operator Registration

  1. Import or create ECDSA & BLS keys using the EigenLayer CLI.

  2. Register your operator by following the instructions in the EigenLayer documentation. Please confirm that the following details match your values:

    1. Configuration:

      1. Earnings Receiver Address:

        1. Holesky: 0x447c558cB80398d7267501b426B3468F12981C2f

        2. Goerli: 0xfeC11c86c1365bF70218A2540da817dB6Ce70942

        3. Mainnet: Not Deployed. Please temporarily set this to your Rio Rewards Receiver Address.

      2. Delegation Approver Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      3. Staker Opt Out Window Blocks: 0. This value will be increased once slashing is implemented.

    2. Metadata:

      1. A name matching the format: Rio Network by [Name]

Submit Your Operator Details

Provide the following information to the Rio team:

  1. Rio Operator Address: The address of your operator.

  2. Rio Manager Address: The address you will use to manage your operator within Rio. This address will be used to:

    1. Add or remove validator keys.

    2. Update your Rio Manager Address.

    3. Update your Rio Rewards Receiver Address

  3. Rio Rewards Receiver Address: The address where your operator will accrue earnings from Rio Network. This may be the same as your manager’s address.

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