Post-Approval Requirements

Once approved by the RioDAO, please complete the following steps:

Ethereum Validators

Generate & Upload Validator Keys

Follow the key generation and upload process outlined in Validator Keys. Once uploaded, keys will be selected for deposit by the protocol once a sufficient ETH is collected.

Execution Layer Rewards Configuration

Set the fee recipient for your validators to the Reward Distributor contract. This is NOT the same as the Withdrawal Credentials address.

Holesky Reward Distributor: 0x447c558cB80398d7267501b426B3468F12981C2f

Goerli Reward Distributor: 0xfeC11c86c1365bF70218A2540da817dB6Ce70942

Mainnet Reward Distributor: Not Deployed.

Validator Exit Automation

Follow the process described in Validator Exit Automation, which provides tooling to quickly respond to validator exit requests from the Rio Network protocol.

MEV Boost

Run MEV-Boost to maximize staking rewards.

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